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The M/V Eclipse is one of the most preferred Galapagos cruise ships to sail the archipelago.  What sets this vessel apart from other vessels is its keen dedication to offer the best possible cruise experience in the Galapagos Islands. On board, passengers will appreciate the small excursion groups concept, superior levels of personalized service, and the array of amenities that are typically only found on larger ships.

One keystone of M/V Eclipse expedition success is the perfect balance between itineraries, on board comfort, compliance with the highest standards of quality, and environmental protection. The M/V Eclipse is a mid-size vessel with all the advantages of a small exclusive yacht.

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Capacity: 48 passenger

Length: 210 ft / 64 m

Draft: 11 ft / 3.2 m

Gross Tonnage: 1610

Cruising Speed: 12 knots

Certification: Smart Voyager by Rainforest Alliance

Crew: 31 plus 4 naturalist guides.

7 Night Cruise with Española Island

DAY 1:  AM: Arrive at Baltra Island; PM: North Seymour
DAY 2:  AM: South Plaza; PM: Santa Fe
DAY 3:  AM: San Cristobal – Pitt Point; PM: San Cristobal – Cerro Brujo
DAY 4:  AM: Floreana – Post Office Bay; PM: Floreana  - Champion & Cormorant Point
DAY 5:  AM: Isabela – Elizabeth Bay;  PM: Isabela – Moreno Point
DAY 6: AM: PM: Santa Cruz – Puerto Ayora Isabela – Charles Darwin
DAY 7:  AM: Española; PM: Española – Punta Suarez
DAY 8:  AM: Mosquera

7 Night Cruise with Genovesa Island

DAY 1:  AM: Arrive at Baltra Island; PM: Santa Cruz
DAY 2:  AM: Rabida; PM: Santiago – Puerto Egas
DAY 3:  AM: Isabela; PM: Fernandina
DAY 4:  AM: Isabela – Urbina Bay; PM: Isabela Vicente Roca Point
DAY 5:  AM: Santa Cruz – Puerto Ayora – Charles Darwin
DAY 6: AM: Genovesa – El Barranco;  PM: Genovesa – Darwin Bay
DAY 7:  AM: Bartolome;  PM: Santa Cruz
DAY 8:  AM: Santa Cruz - Bachas

5Night /6 Days Cruise

DAY 1:  AM: Arrive at Baltra Island; PM: North Seymour
DAY 2:  AM: South Plaza; PM: Santa Fe
DAY 3:  AM: San Cristobal- Pitt Point; PM: San cristobal Cerro Brujo
DAY 4:  AM: Floreana- Post Office Bay; PM: Floreana - Champion & Cormorant Point
DAY 5:  AM: Isabela –Elizabeth Bay; PM: Isabela – Moreno Piont
DAY 6: AM: Santa Cruz – Puerto Ayora


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Dear Martha,

The clients returned, they are very pleased with their stay, for which I thank you very much! Everything was all right, the islands were beautiful. The first day the guides weren’t very helpful, but the second was great. Also the hotel in Quito was very nice, only the tour was very short. So that is basically the feedback, I will be meeting them the day after tomorrow, they promised great pictures and stories. So thank you again, I surely found a partner, looking forward to serving more happy clients together!!

Asen Panagonov



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