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Booking Guidelines

All reservation requests, change in reservation and/or payment shall be advised to MBE in written to be taken and accepted by MBE. Reservations will be confirmed when total payment is credited in MBE accounts. If the services and/or dates are unavailable as requested, MBE Central Reservations will offer alternative options.

All airfares, taxes, schedules, ports of departure, hours of arrival/departure and special programs are subject to change without prior notice. In case of increase in basic services or new taxes imposed by the Government, MBE reserves the right to charge this increase to the passenger before rendering service.


Passenger's personal information

To issue final confirmation of services , MBE requires


- Passengers complete names, - nationality, -date of birth, -passport numbers & passport copy in case of children, accommodation list, language spoken and mother tongue (if information is not provided on time language spoken will be English, MBE will not accept further responsibility). 

Other service information: Dietary requests if any must be notified to MBE at least 60 days before departure. MBE will do its best effort to satisfy dietary needs, but in certain cases it may not be possible. In special cases MBE would need further information such as: height, weight, physical condition, etc. to be able to provide the best accommodations and services to the user.


MBE will not discriminate against any individual because of race, sex , creed or nationality.



a)  30% deposit is required to reserve space at the moment of the confirmation;

b) Balance must be fully credited in MBE designated account 60 days before departure. 

c) Lack of payment will produce an automatic cancellation of booked space.  

d) Deposits and payments are non refundable, exceptions apply when agreed in written by MBE legal representative. 


Payments can be made only in the account specified by MBE in US dollars or Euros. Any expenses for transferring funds must be covered by the user and included on the payment.   MBE must receive advice of payment to be able to verify when money was credited.    Reservations will only be confirmed when money is totally credited in MBE accounts.  If the user does not respect these terms, MBE reserves the right to place reservations under request, deny services or demand the corresponding payment directly to the traveler who is jointly liable of all conditions and terms stated in these policies and in our agreements or quotations.



a) The cancellation of a reservation already confirmed by us will be charged 5% of the tour rate for administrative charges.

b) 89 - 60 days prior the departure, 50% of the total tour rate will be forfeited

c) 59 days to the day of departure, 100% of the total tour rate will be forfeited


All cancellations shall be notified in writing to be taken and accepted by MBE.   Cancellation fees will be charged from all deposits or payments automatically.  If a booking agent guarantees a reservation without payment, invoice should be honored in case services are cancelled.


As a basic principle, no refund will be made for any unused hotel or cruise accommodation, service or transport. However, in case we are able to obtain a refund there might be a deduction for administrative charges. MBE responsibility will not extend beyond this refund and no payments will be made, or compensation given in respect of claims for contingent liability or inconvenience experienced by users. No refund can be made on lost, mislaid or destroyed tickets or vouchers nor on lost property.


It is mandatory to all the passengers using any MBE services or third party services arranged by MBE. to have valid travel insurance before arriving in Ecuador .  Insurance is not included on MBE tours and cruises. We highly recommend purchasing traveler's insurance for traveler and its property, as well as for trip delay, trip cancellation, interruption, baggage, life insurance, medical, accident, sickness, etc. 


Any physical or health disability that may require special attention or treatment should be reported in written to MBE.  MBE reserves the right to decline the provision of services. Trip members have the responsibility to select a trip appropriate to their abilities and interests.   MBE will not respond for any consequences or expenses incurred for any changes, cancellations, accidents, injury, death, etc. caused by any disability, reported or not to MBE. No refund will be forthcoming for missed sightseeing, meals, and early/late departures and dislike visits. MBE assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care during the trip. 



Once your reservation is confirmed, MBE Will address to you an electronic voucher, nevertheless on arrival, you should receive the original voucher as well as instruction by our staff.

We strongly recommend that you keep al all times our assistance telephone number in case of emergency or any preoccupation or information request.



MY BEAUTY ECUADOR , reserves the right to modify any service in order to assure the safety and comfort of its clients.

MY BEAUTY ECUADOR claims to act only as mediators between the passengers and hotels or business that are providing the services, freeing itself of any responsibility, regarding topics between the service provided and the client.

The organizer will not be responsible for accidents, damages, or prejudices incurred under circumstances such as wars, strikes, earthquakes, or any other human or natural act that is out of our control.



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Dear Martha,

The clients returned, they are very pleased with their stay, for which I thank you very much! Everything was all right, the islands were beautiful. The first day the guides weren’t very helpful, but the second was great. Also the hotel in Quito was very nice, only the tour was very short. So that is basically the feedback, I will be meeting them the day after tomorrow, they promised great pictures and stories. So thank you again, I surely found a partner, looking forward to serving more happy clients together!!

Asen Panagonov



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